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School / Sports   News - September 25, 2023

South Barber AVID!
Advancement Via Individual Determination - that’s AVID!!! South Barber Elementary Pre-K through 6th Grade students have been working hard this year to learn organizational skills and time management. Students are learning to utilize an agenda, color-coded binder system, study skills, and time management. Each week, teachers do OT Checks (Organizational Tool) using a checklist of items students are responsible for keeping track of, turning in, organizing, etc. Students earn up to $20 in AVID money each week depending on their OT Checks. On Fridays, the AVID Store is open for students to purchase supply items that they have either broken, lost, or destroyed.
Once a month, the AVID Store is open for purchasing non-supply items. You know fun stuff! Today was our first “Fun Friday!” All students got to visit the AVID store and purchase up to two items with their AVID earnings! It was fun to watch their eyes light up when they found something they wanted to purchase. Then, count their money in their wallet to decide if they had enough money to buy it or not. Real Life Skills!


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